🇲🇫 Ici, je te partage des articles et vidéos sur des thèmes qui m’inspirent!  

🇬🇧 On this page, I am sharing some articles and videos on topics which inspire me! 


“Our emotions are messengers…”

  Emotions… or E-motions… Energy for action! What are our basic emotions?   The basic emotions are like the primary colours of the emotions.   According to experts, there are 8 basic emotions. Sadness Shame Disgust Anger Fear Surprise Joy...

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“Et si on repensait nos valeurs?”

Et si on repensait nos valeurs?   En septembre, la période de haze provenant d'Indonésie m'a beaucoup choquée et affectée. Quand le nouveau normal est de mettre des purificateurs d'air dans sa maison et de porter des masques pour sortir parce que l'air est devenu...

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“When I burned out…”

The term “burnout” is a bit of a buzz word nowadays and I want to be careful using it as I am not an expert on the subject. Nevertheless, I wanted to share my “burnout” experience with you as it was an important part of my life—it taught me a lot about myself which...

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2 Questions about recognition!

We are all looking for some recognition at work or at home! So, how can we feel more recognised? In this video, I am elaborating on two questions: which kind of recognition are you looking for? why not fill your recognition tank yourself?

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“Who am I to…?”

Do you sometimes feel it isn't your place to share or give your opinion on a specific topic? Do you work harder than others to prove yourself? Do you doubt your accomplishments, even if you get positive feedback from your surroundings? Do you attribute your success to...

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