Let’s reveal the name of this unconventional self-development book!
“The subtle art of not giving a f*ck” by Mark Manson

In French; “L’art subtil de s’en f*utre”

Yep… unconventional…
I had doubts about starting to read the book and in the first chapters, I was a bit annoyed by the repetition of the word f* and the tone of the writer….

Nevertheless, I was curious about what this reading could bring me and I perservered.

And actually, under an angry and sometimes shocking tone, Mark Manson cares a lot about becoming a better person and helping others to do the same.

It was interesting to understand the view of the author on the 5 principles he wanted to share;
* take responsibility
* accept uncertainty
* be willing to improve yourself
* be able to hear and say no
* contemplate your own mortality

Definitely a different type of read but worth it!