Coaching and Writing

One-on-one coaching and introspective/creative writing are the perfect alliance for gaining positive energy and regaining momentum. They offer effective and easy-to-use tools to take back the reins of one’s life. 

This new “EXPLORATION” package combines coaching and writing and is proposed in collaboration with “Waka Tanka Connection”. 


« I take my pen to explore… »

You want to put words on your emotions, on what you are feeling and can sometimes seem contradictory to you.

You want to clarify your thoughts, to get back more meaning in your daily life.

What would you say about a personalised combination of coaching and writing to help you get through this turbulent zone?

The “Exploration” package will allow you to gain positive energy, regain momentum and draw from your unsuspected resources. It will also offer you effective tools that are easy to set up to take back the reins of your life.

This package includes 6 individual coaching sessions and 12 creative and introspective writing assignments with Mélanie, designer and facilitator of writing workshops.

All the writing missions will be created specifically for you depending on your coaching objectives. It is tailor-made!


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