The “RéalISE Coaching” packages

You can find below the coaching packages I offer you. 🤩

I took the time to refine the packages to better answer the needs and expectations of my clients. 

There is also the new “EXPLORATION” package that combines coaching and writing and is proposed in collaboration with “Waka Tanka Connection”.

Enjoy the discovery!



« I remain motivated and full of energy! »

You have a wish list that’s overflowing, but it seems like it’s never the right time to get started…

You have already started some projects but quickly you lose momentum because you have too many other things to do … You think it will be for later … when you have more time …

And if you could stop postponing?

If you could organize your daily life differently in order to free up time and energy to realize step by step all your desires?  

This “motivation” package aims to give you the impulse to progress in your personal or professional projects.

This coaching will also provide you with the necessary tools to stay driven and full of energy in the realization of each one of them!

This package includes 5 individual coaching sessions, one-hour session every two weeks.

Duration: 2 to 3 months

Value: 372 eur


« I take the time to define my own direction before taking actions! »

You are at a crossroads.

You do not really know where to go next and you have difficulties to envision your future.

And if you could take time to re-focus on what is important to you before taking the next step?

This coaching aims to go back to your needs, your values and your passions in order to define in which direction you want to go.   choose

This will allow you to set new goals, whether personal or professional and to define actions to achieve them.

This package includes 7 individual coaching sessions, one-hour session every two weeks.

Duration: 3 to 4 months.

Value: 512 eur






« I feel confident about my choices and I evolve smoothly. »

You are in the midst of a personal and / or professional transition.

It is a situation of discomfort in which many doubts and fears arise and you have difficulties to make decisions and to move forward.

What would you say about being supported and going through this transition in a more serene way?

This coaching package will allow you to validate your choices in order to be fully aligned with the changes you want, and will provide you with the necessary tools to manage this transition smoothly and get your balance back. 

This package includes 9 individual coaching sessions, one-hour session every two weeks.

Duration: 4 to 5 months.

Value: 652 eur




All coaching packages are personalized and customized to best fit your needs. Depending on the phase of you are in, we will be addressing different topics varying from self-confidence, management of fears, change management, decision-making, communication, motivation, time management, …

The coaching journey is dotted with exercises and tools combining reflection, awareness and actions. The exercises and tools used will vary according to your goals.

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