Welcome to “RéalISE Coaching!



I am your partner of choice to dare to be YOURSELF!

Let’s get rid of your doubts and fears and replace all your “but I have to, I should,…”

with “I want to!” and “I will”.

Listen to your inner voice and make the right choices to be fully aligned with yourself. 



If you are looking to:


redefine what makes sense to you and choose a new direction

make some changes in your career or your life and get support in your transition

get the courage to take decisions

keep the motivation and energy to carry out your projects

invest in yourself and in your dreams

create for yourself a fulfilling and happy live,

you are at the right place!


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What can a coaching journey offer you?

I would answer immediately: “more than you think!”.  But let’s be concrete and pragmatic.

This online coaching offers:

  • A moment just for you: a space allowing you to breathe, to share, to let go (it seems banal but it’s already so much!)
  • A personal reflexion helping you to be know yourself and your context better
  • Some actions between the sessions with the use of practical tools (exercises, books, writing,,…) because thinking is not enough, you also have to get moving …
  • A regular follow-up to boost your motivation and confidence until you reach your goals.

All of this, at your own pace, with lots of kindness and empathy, in complete confidentiality, in the respect of who you are and what you want.

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The approach of RéalISE Coaching”


RéalISE Coaching” perfectly describes my coaching approach;

1. To realise: to become fully aware of yourself, your talents, your personality, your behaviours, your triggers, your patterns,… to then be able… 

2. To realise yourself: to grow and blossom to become truly you, and… 

3. To realise your projects: to pass to the state of concrete reality, to take action to realise your personal or professional projects! 

With the little wink “RISE” as it is a journey to achieve your success, whatever it might be. 


Laura's Testimonial

Through working with Virginie, I gained the confidence and courage to make tough life decisions that I realized were necessary for a more holistic, happier me.

Even better, at the end of the coaching journey, I ended up with my dream job

Sophie's Testimonial

Sophie's Testimonial

I got the job, and only six months after my first session with Virginie I am now packing my bags to jump right into the adventure of working with my dream company in a new city, feeling light, happy and grateful, being excited and equipped for anything the new job and the future might bring!

Elizabeth's Testimonial

Elizabeth's Testimonial

Months later, my circumstances have changed immensely. Thanks to her guidance, I have obtained greater clarity of my career direction. I also took concrete steps to change direction – which included the way I worked & lived my life.

About me!


As a life coach, self-care is at the center of my coaching practice.    

I believe that taking care of yourself (body, mind, heart and soul) gives you the power to create a fulfilling and happy life for yourself and simultaneously to have a positive impact around you ! 

As part of my self-care routine, I practice  yoga, meditation, reading and writing ! 

I am a curious, joyful and open minded person. I love to travel and discover new places. 

I am obsessed with reading and always eager to learn something new everyday. And I love sharing that knowledge with others!  

More about my journey HERE!

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