Coaching for expatriate women


Are you lucky enough to be an expatriate?

And yet, you find it difficult to adapt to your new life?

Even if you are happy about this opportunity, you are struggling to find a new balance in your host country.

And it is pretty normal as becoming an expatriate is a massive transition which shakes up the life you used to know and requires you to create a new one and it is not obvious!

Looking for support in this transition?

Expatriation is a roller coaster!

Expatriation is a great opportunity to live a completely different life.

It is a great great adventure full of new discoveries, encounters and travels.

At the same time, it is a big challenge as we lose our bearings, are far from our friends and family and need to totally reinvent our way of life.

It can create an imbalance with a lot of mixed feelings and conflicting thoughts.

Suddenly, existential questions arise out of nowhere and question us deeply about our values, our needs and our skills. In addition, being an expatriate is never an escape from our previous life because all our past and our “luggage” remain with us!

And often it is difficult to discuss our doubts and difficulties with our loved ones because they do not understand why we cannot just enjoy this opportunity to live the expat life. We cannot blame them and yet we can feel disconnected and isolated.

Emotional rollercoaster

Being an expatriate is a massive transition.

It is a roller coaster with exhilarating highs and depressing lows.

It takes time and support to regain balance.

I myself have been an expatriate for 4 years and although it was the most exciting years of my life, it was also the toughest ones.

It took me a long time to create a new balance for myself and my family.

Some difficulties you may encounter during your expatriation:

  • Depending on the country, language, covid location, your “welcome pack” and your personality, creating your new social network can be super easy or nightmarish.
  • At the beginning, all the changes you are going through are very exciting and you love to discover everything. Then you may then realise that there are things you don’t like too much about your host country that you even have a hard time coming to terms with, but it’s part of your new life and you have to adapt…

  • If you don’t work, you finally have all the time to do all the things you always wanted to do but couldn’t when you were working! Brilliant! But between the children, the cleaning, the shopping, the administration for the whole family, the traffic, the social evenings, the day has passed and you have the impression of not having done anything useful! And then in the evening comes the tricky question from your hubby: “So what have you done today?” !

  • You can also look forward to spending more time with your children at the start of the expatriation, only to find out later that the role of housewife does not appeal to you so much and that you ultimately do not like spending so much time with your children.  Yes, you love them but …

  • If you left your job in your home country and suddenly inherited the role of so-called “trailing spouse”, not having a job can also mean for you a deep feeling of worthlessness, or even a loss of identity. Before your job defined you fully … now you are the wife of … really?!? Your identity and your self-confidence can be shaken.

  • You might actually be making the most of what expat life has to offer, but at the same time you feel guilty for not contributing financially to the household … or you might feel some resentment from your husband who works very hard while you enjoy life…

Yes, expatriation can be exhilarating, but it is a new situation that can shake us deeply.

The context has changed, the balance has been altered, and many existential questions have developed!

If you're struggling to find a new balance in your expat life, don't stay alone.

Let’s discuss together how to make your expatriation a success!

Being accompanied during this transition will help you:


  • understand better the impact of this important change 

  • define the role you are ready to play during this expatriation

  • redefine your values, needs and limits in this new context

  • define what you want to achieve during this expatriation

  • boost your self-confidence

  • dare to choose and create your new social network

  • better manage your time and energy

As challenging as expatriation can be, it is a unique opportunity to reinvent yourself!

Take the time to invest in yourself and redefine who you are and what you want.


Working with Virginie is amazing and I would highly recommend her to any ambitious woman that is looking for support in a professional or life transition, to find inner balance or a fulfilled purposeful career. She is able to create a safe, supportive environment which is important for growth and self awareness.

Caroline, Berlin

My journey with Virginie helped me get aware of some toxic thoughts that were draining my energy. I realised how and to what extent my inner judge and limiting beliefs were preventing me from accessing my dreams and potential while feeding the sensation of being stuck.  

Anna, Rome

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