A coaching journey with “RéalISE Coaching” 

My approach

“RéalISE Coaching” perfectly describes my coaching approach;

1. To realise: to become fully aware of yourself, your talents, your personality, your behaviours, your triggers, your patterns,… to then be able… 

2. To realise yourself: to grow and blossom to become truly you, and… 

3. To realise your projects: to pass to the state of concrete reality, to take action to realise your personal or professional projects! 

With the little wink “RISE” as it is a journey to achieve your success, whatever it might be. 

What can a coaching journey offer you?

I would answer immediately: “more than you think!”.  But let’s be concrete and pragmatic.

This online coaching offers:

  • A moment just for you: a space allowing you to breathe, to share, to let go; it is already so much!
  • A personal reflexion helping you to be know yourself and your context better
  • Some actions between the sessions with the use of practical tools (exercises, books, writing,,…) because thinking is not enough, you also have to get moving …
  • A regular follow-up to boost your motivation and confidence until you reach your goals.

All of this, at your own pace, with lots of kindness and empathy, in complete confidentiality, in the respect of who you are and what you want.

My coaching proposition

My coaching proposition!

Each coaching journey is different and therefore each package is personalised to best meet your needs.

The objectives of your coaching journey are discussed first during your free discovery session. This session is important to see if there is a match between us, if I can help you and if we can work together. 

If this discovery session is positive and you decide to start this adventure, your objectives will be refined during the first session and we will work together throughout the coaching journey so that you can achieve those goals.

Alongside your individual sessions, I offer you be part of a group of women in which you can exchange and grow and with which we will organise collective sessions to deepen certain topics that are common to you.

Don't hesitate any longer!

Ma proposition de coaching

My tool box

It is constantly evolving and contains in particular:

  • Curiosity, listening, intuition, creativity
  • Concepts from nonviolent communication
  • Positive intelligence
  • Management of time
  • Energy management
  • Concepts from neuroscience
  • Emotions, values, needs, wounds
  • Attachment styles
  • Concepts from family constellations
  • Wheel of life
  • Talent exercise
  • Personality tests
  • Gratitude, affirmations, visualisations
  • Books, podcasts
  • Writing exercices