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The women who experienced it share the results of their journey! 

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Working with Virginie for me was a natural next step – extending past personal therapy to an exploration of how different habits and beliefs manifest in the workplace. Virginie offered me great perspective and the means to step back from my inner dialogue.

The results, for me, were immediate. She provided some great, practical tips to reframe my inner voice and reconsider what my true talents, passions and added value are. Through our work together I have regained a lot of my professional “self” and confidence, after a period of uncertainty and challenge at work. As a result, I feel more secure and have more fun in my career.

Elizabeth, Humanitarian, Rome, Italy

Working with Virginie is amazing and I would highly recommend her to any ambitious woman that is looking for support in a professional or life transition, to find inner balance or a fulfilled purposeful career. She is able to create a safe, supportive environment which is important for growth and self awareness.

Virginie helped me get on track and feel empowered that I can do what I need to do, by creating a beautiful space for me to organise my vision and put it into a tangible plan. Our one-on-one sessions allowed me to freely express my goals, ideas, insecurities, and hopes so that together we could figure out a special plan to get me where I want to be. Thank you!

Caroline, Human Resources, Berlin, Germany

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My journey with Virginie helped me get aware of some toxic thoughts that were draining my energy. I realized how and to what extent my inner judge and limiting beliefs were preventing me from accessing my dreams and potential while feeding the sensation of being stuck.  

Through her patient but firm guidance I got reconnected with the source of my creativity, learned how to nurture trust and self-care, and got the courage to explore new career paths. I’m very grateful for Virginie’s support and for the group she introduced me to. Every woman should get the chance to experience the healing power of sisterhood in any shape it might take.

Anna, Humanitarian, Rome, Italy

I met Virginie when I was at a cross-roads in my career and needed direction. Virginie was my sounding board and objective counsel providing me with practical and helpful tools to incorporate into my day-to-day.

Throughout my 12 weeks of working closely with Virginie, I gained strength of conviction, a deeper understanding of self and mindset growth which puts me in good stead to chart out my career and life moving forward.

Kimberly, Lawyer, Malaysia

"Direction" package

I initially contacted Virginie as I wanted to change jobs. Our conversations ended up covering much more than that, it gave me a broader perspective on the life I want which of course includes a career but looking at it as a whole has helped me achieve a better work/life balance.

Virginie is inspiring and has a practical approach which has helped me work through some of the challenges I have faced and start working towards the career I want. Our sessions have touched upon wide range of topics; work/life balance, communication, how to manage time better as well as several session/exercises on how to find my next dream job!

Tara, Supply Chain Consultant, Rome, Italy

"Direction" Package

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Thank you @Virginie RéalISE Coaching for being my great Mentor.
Your questions during our conversations brought me chances to look deeper inside myself for reflections, become more confident and positive.
You challenged me to become more courage and reminded me of self-compassion which helps to heal the inner child and see the beauty of life as it is!
Phuong, HR Business Partner Manager, Vietnam

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Through my sessions with Virginie, I learned to conquer some deep-seated fears that were preventing me from relaunching my freelance career. I am now on my way to freelancing success thanks to her guidance, wisdom and insightful advice. I highly recommend Virginie to anyone who is suffering from a career setback or stuck in a rut.

Sharmila, Freelance technology writer, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

"Motivation" Package

When I first met Virginie, it was the sixth month into my career, I was at a stage of burnout, lacked confidence, in the verge of losing my passion.  My goals were to achieve work-life balance, and to improve my leadership skills. After only six sessions, it was surprising how much my mind set has shifted.  My main take-aways:

  • Life is a marathon, not a sprint 
  • Pain is not needed for growth
  • I can achieve whatever I put my mind to
  • It’s okay to act on a plan that’s imperfect, there’s always time & space to improve things
  • I’m able to share my knowledge because I know more, even if it’s sharing to someone older

Virginie always asked clear and more in depth questions, leading me to reflecting on my decisions.  She showed me how to push myself to transform into a better, more effective person, who, at the same time, knows how to care for herself.  I never knew it was achievable.
I’m very grateful for Virginie’s guidance, and would 10/10 times recommend it to others. 

Maxine, 24 years old, teacher @Dignity for Children, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I have been working with Virginie, through an amazing and supportive collaboration, for about a year and a half. Through this time I feel I have grown so much into who I am and who I can be as a strong, fearless but still caring and kind independent woman.

While Virginie helped me to leave a quite toxic job for a much better position that I have now, I still feel a bit stuck in my personal and professional life: nearing 30 I feel a bit at a crossroads as to who I was in my 20’s and who I want to become.

Virginie has always known I love to write and that it is one of my best forms of expression and so she proposed I do a joint writing and coaching mission between Virginie and Melanie. Through this partnership, I receive writing exercises from Melanie – in French and I respond in English because I feel I can express myself better in English- and then I discuss some of the things I wrote with Virginie.

The writing exercises pushed me in ways I could not have imagined—through putting pen on paper on such introspective questions and through writing without thinking I discovered so much about myself, about where I want my life to go and who I want to be.

Melanie and Virginie never judge me and they always provide supportive and encouraging words at the end of each exercise- asking me the tough questions, giving me tough love when I need it and then supporting me and encouraging me to go farther and higher than I could have imagined.

I loved my sessions so much I have decided to continue them—hoping to get a bit more clarity within myself and to improve my writing along the way.

I don’t yet feel I completely have it all figured out—though who does—but through the amazing support of Virginie and Melanie and through their joint writing and coaching exercises I feel I am on the right path… onward and upward and always with amazing woman to woman support.

Laura, 28 years old, American by birth, International citizen by nature, Humanitarian aid worker in external relations

"Exploration" package

started working with Virginie during a tough period in my life. My work-life balance was non-existent and I felt trapped in a series of toxic situations. What’s puzzling was that I seemed to be making choices that ended up being detrimental to my well-being and goals.

As a result I felt paralyzed about what I needed to do to change my life. What if I make the wrong decision and ended up in a worse place? So, I reached out to Virginie, hoping that she could help me make sense of the muddled path I had taken in my career and personal life.

She helped me realise that a lot of my decisions were made out of fear, and that I needed to embrace who I was rather than who I “should” be. I often denied my true passion, values – often at the cost of my health and well-being to pursue a path that I thought was practical but was not suited for me.                                                                                                                                                                           

Months later, my circumstances have changed immensely. Thanks to her guidance, I have obtained greater clarity of my career direction. I also took concrete steps to change direction – which included the way I worked & lived my life. At times, I thought of compromising, not sticking to my values (as I’ve always done). Virginie was firm with me, reminding me that I needed to do things differently. So stick to my guns I did – I’m not sure if I could’ve done it on my own without her guidance, to be honest. For example, I have even managed to carve out the mini career break for myself that I was far too afraid to pursue before.

So thanks, Virginie, for helping me gain the courage to change my life!”

Elizabeth, 42 years old, Senior writer (Content marketing), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

"Focus" Package

I started working with Virginie about 9 months ago when I was in a period of my life where I was faced with tough life and professional decisions and was living in a toxic environment. I needed to move forward with my life and make choices that would make me less miserable  and I needed  to have the confidence to prevent  such high levels of toxicity from affecting me. 

Through working with Virginie, I gained the confidence and courage to make tough life decisions that I realized were necessary for a more holistic, happier me. She listened to me and empathized when necessary, she gave me ‘tough love’ when I needed it, and she provided me with exercises to help me decide what I needed to change in my life.

Virginie also gave me the confidence to stand up for myself and value positive relationships. I feel I better surround myself with positive people now who lift me up and make me the best person I can be. I feel it has made me a better person and allows me to equally give back to these wonderful people. 

Even better, at the end of the coaching journey, I ended up with my dream job, I’m not sure I would have had the confidence to get this job before talking to Virginie. 

Virginie has so much wisdom, so many amazing exercises, she is a great listener and even a friend. As I embark on this complete new chapter of my life — I feel I will be able to fill this blank page with positive experiences, people, places etc partially from all I have learned from working with Virginie.

Laura, 28 years old, American by birth, International citizen by nature, Humanitarian aid worker in external relations

"Focus" Package

“I hate my job. I don’t know how to wake up and go to work tomorrow. “

That was me only a few months ago. My new job had turned out to be a bad fit for me, and the situation at work had triggered a career crisis that was on its way to negatively affect other areas of my life, like my friendships and my relationship. I was stuck, and that was when a friend referred me to Virginie.

In our first two sessions, she helped me to develop strategies on how to better cope with my situation at work, how to focus on my strengths again, and how to establish a powerful routine to include more happiness and energy into my daily life.

As soon as I was feeling better, we started to tackle the bigger question about how I could move on in my career. The direction became clearer every time we spoke, and thanks to Virginie’s infinite positive energy and motivation I finally did it: I dared to dream again. Somewhere hidden behind fears and negative emotions, I re-discovered what I actually wanted to do. I took the chance of applying for a job with my dream company, even though it was in a different city – a step I probably wouldn’t have taken without Virginie’s encouragement and support.

I got the job, and only six months after my first session with Virginie I am now packing my bags to jump right into the adventure of working with my dream company in a new city, feeling light, happy and grateful, being excited and equipped for anything the new job and the future might bring!

Sophie, 30 years old, Digital Marketing Manager, Berlin, Germany

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