Coaching for humanitarian women!


As a humanitarian worker, you operate in complex environments and face specific challenges.

You are not only challenged in your work which can be highly demanding but also in your private life as your career choice has a huge impact on it.

You work defines the place and the conditions you live in, much of your social life, the distance from your home country and your loved ones and there are many opportunities and challenges associated with it.

In this context, it is often difficult;

  • to establish clear boundaries between your life and your work
  • to be able to say no
  • to maintain a balanced life style and not feel overwhelmed by work
  • to be able to pursue your private goals

If you are wondering what is the next step for you,

 If you are looking to clarify your private or professional future,

 If you want to find more balance and happiness in your life,

the "Dare to be yourself!" coaching package is made for you!


That's the spirit of RéalISE Coaching and that is what I want for you!

During this coaching journey, I will support you to;

  • understand your needs and values
  • rediscover and capitalise on your talents
  • overcome your fears (fear of failure, imposter syndrome, ...)
  • reduce your inner critic
  • raise your self-confidence
  • and clarify what YOU want!

Objective: Dare to be fully yourself and make the right choices for you!

This irresistible package includes an online coaching journey and 2 amazing bonuses;

Online coaching

8 individual one-hour coaching sessions at the rate of one session every two weeks. 

The first sessions will be intended to clarify your situation, redefine your needs and identify your blockages.

The following sessions allow you to choose what you want for the rest of your humanitarian work and to put in place actions to achieve it.

Duration: 4 to 5 months.

Humanitarian Group

Bonus 1: Group Coaching

As a humanitarian, you probably feel alone from time to time and it is not always possible or easy to discuss what you are going through with your family or loved ones.

I therefore invite you to join a private group of wonderful women with whom you can exchange continuously.

You will also participate monthly in group discussions around themes related to the humanitarian world.

This bonus is priceless and you can enjoy it for as long as you want!

Bonus 2: Exploration of your roots

I offer you an additional session to explore your family tree and draw your genogram. It's always very interesting to understand where you come from to better understand where you want to go...

Duration: to be scheduled during the coaching journey


Book your discovery session!

And let's define your next steps together.


of happy clients!

I met Virginie a couple of years ago, and did some coaching with her. Her help was key for me to refocus, find balance between work and personal time, and move forward mindfully towards what I wanted (no more burn out, while feeling fulfilled in every area of my life).
My coaching journey with her has been very enriching and helpful.
Virginie is an empathetic person, genuinely passionate in supporting women and always practical in her approach, providing useful tips and tools to help you go through your specific situation!
I couldn’t recommend her more (have recommended her to many of my friends already and they’re all very happy!) ❤️ 
Déborah, humanitarian, South Africa

Humanitarian Women Week


The “Humanitarian Women’s Week” is an opportunity for you;

  • to pause and to reflect on your humanitarian journey,
  • to take perspective on your current challenges and
  • to get the keys to creating your own work-life balance.

During this week we will explore 5 different topics;

  • Day 1: How to best take care of yourself as a humanitarian worker?
  • Day 2: How to make room for both your professional AND personal life?
  • Day 3: How to manage your time in a challenging environment?
  • Day 4: How to replenish your energy to stay at your best?
  • Day 5: How to build a strong support network?

This week promises to be rich in content and discovery, filled with positive interactions and great encounters!

Virginie Jullien

Virginie Jullien

Certified professional coach, accredited by the International Coaching Federation, I support women in their life and career choices.

I focus on transition coaching, having been through many transitions myself; burnout, professional retraining during my expatriation and return to my country of origin.

I accompany women who are at a crossroads, who are wondering what the next step is or who feel a loss of meaning in their life to (re)discover themselves, prioritise themselves and make choices more in line with who they are. 

I include in my support individual coaching and group coaching during collective sessions with other women around the world.

Still hesitating? Let's talk about it!