Burnout coaching


Are you tired and demotivated by your work?

Are you feeling more emotional than usual?

Do you try to continue despite everything, while realizing that you are using up the little energy you have left?

Wouldn’t it be time for you to take a break, refocus on yourself and clarify your situation?

Don’t wait any longer, it’s THE time to put yourself back in the center of your attention, take care of yourself and give meaning to your life!

Would you like to discuss it?


Often we tell ourselves that it’s a phase, that we just have a little slack, that we’ll get there, that we have to get there because the others can.

We are redoubling our efforts.

But we continue to ask ourselves a lot of questions about our skills, we compare ourselves to others, we doubt, we become emotional, we don’t really know what is happening to us.

We continue to move forward but it costs us. We draw on our reserves.

There are sometimes bursts of motivation and energy (following a few days off or thanks to a certain recognition of our work), and so we say to ourselves, it’s good, it’s over, we feed on this renewed energy… but very quickly, we feel that discouragement returns, that we can’t take it anymore, that we don’t want it anymore. The lack of meaning is huge. The lightness, the energy and the joy are no longer there.

And if we don’t listen to our little voice telling us to take a break, then the body takes over and we break down. Professional exhaustion, burnout… and the road is then long to go up the slope…

Don’t go that far!

Take the lead in clarifying your situation, taking care of yourself and defining what you want for the future. You’re not blocked, you’re not stuck, there are options and solutions to put meaning back into your daily life!

I propose to accompany you in your need to be yourself again and to take care of yourself,

in your desire to bring more meaning, lightness and joy to your professional and private life

with the package “Be yourself again”.

Be yourself again

 This burnout prevention coaching will help you:

  • to put yourself back at the center and take care of yourself physically, emotionally and spiritually
  • to understand the reasons that brought you to this situation of exhaustion
  • to rediscover who you are, your values, your needs and your limits
  • to boost your energy and bring back joy and lightness into your life
  • to define what you want for the rest of your professional and private life and put actions in place to achieve it.

Objectives of this support: To be yourself again, radiant, confident in the future and full of energy!

This package includes includes individual coaching, group coaching and a session dedicated to self-care!


Online Coaching

8 individual one-hour coaching sessions with the rhythm of one session every two weeks.

The first 3 sessions will help you refocus on yourself and take care of yourself.

The following 2 sessions will allow you to better understand the reasons for this exhaustion.

The last 3 sessions will help you define what you want for your professional and personal future.

Duration: 4 to 5 months

Groupe coaching

Bonus 1: Group Coaching 

You are not alone in going through this experience of exhaustion.

Talking about it with other women going through the same thing will allow you to feel less alone, to feel understood and to better understand your situation thanks to exchanges with others.

Concretely, you will have access to a private group in which you can exchange continuously and you will participate in monthly group discussions.

Duration: as long as you want!


Bonus 2: Self-Care

An additional coaching session entirely dedicated to creating your daily “self-care” routine to restore your energy and positivity no matter what.

Duration: to be scheduled during the 6 months coaching journey

Book your discovery session.

A first step to rediscover who you are, what you want, what you are worth.

“I hate my job. I don’t know how to wake up and go to work tomorrow. “

That was me only a few months ago. My new job had turned out to be a bad fit for me, and the situation at work had triggered a career crisis that was on its way to negatively affect other areas of my life, like my friendships and my relationship. I was stuck, and that was when a friend referred me to Virginie.

Sophie, Berlin

I started working with Virginie during a tough period in my life. My work-life balance was non-existent and I felt trapped in a series of toxic situations. What’s puzzling was that I seemed to be making choices that ended up being detrimental to my well-being and goals.

Thanks to her guidance, I have obtained greater clarity of my career direction. I also took concrete steps to change direction – which included the way I worked & lived my life.

Elizabeth, Kuala Lumpur


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Don't wait any longer to take back the reins of your life!

Virginie Jullien

Virginie Jullien

Certified professional coach, PCC accredited by the International Coaching Federation, I support women in their life and career choices.

I focus on transition coaching, having been through many transitions myself; burnout, professional retraining during my expatriation and return to my country of origin.

I accompany women who are at a crossroads, who are wondering what the next step is or who feel a loss of meaning in their life to (re)discover themselves, prioritise themselves and make choices more in line with who they are. 

I include in my support individual coaching and group coaching during collective sessions with other women around the world.