Coaching for a career change

Nouvelle carrière

Are you wondering about your professional future?

You wonder if you shouldn’t do something else…

You have some ideas or maybe you don’t have any!

What you know is that there is a lack of meaning in your current professional life and you want to change things.

What if you took the time to think about what would suit you best?

  • Same job but different environment?
  • Other job?
  • Employee or entrepreneurship?
  • Total or partial conversion
  • Do you need to take training to retrain?
  • Or could you capitalize on your current skills?

If you ask yourself all these questions and you don’t know where to start your reflection and what actions to take, you’ve come to the right place because I offer you to accompany you in your reflection so that you find all the answers you are looking for!

With the “Find your path” package

I support you in your reflection of professional retraining 

so that you define the new path in which to flourish professionally!

Trouve ta voie

This coaching journey will allow you;

  • to dream, to open perspectives, to explore all the avenues that inspire you
  • to revisit all your past successes and understand what makes you vibrate, what gives you energy
  • to take stock of your talents and skills so that you realize everything you can rely on for the rest of your professional career
  • to overcome your fears of change (fear of making mistakes, fear of the unknown, financial fear, etc.)
  • to define all the actions to be implemented for your professional retraining

Objectives of this support: Find the professional path(s) that will allow you to shine!

This coaching journey includes individual coaching, group sessions and a bonus session!

Coaching en ligne

Individual coaching

8 individual one-hour coaching sessions, one session every two weeks.

During the first 2 sessions, we will come back to you, your dreams, your successes, your failures, your needs, your desires, your skills,…

The following 3 sessions will give you the opportunity to open up all the possibilities for your new professional direction in order to then validate a few options. We will analyze the feasibility of your project, its temporality, its risk and we will also discuss your fears!

The last 2 sessions will allow you to take action by defining concrete actions to take for your change of direction !

Duration: 4 to 5 months

Coaching de groupe

Bonus 1: Group sessions

You are not alone in asking yourself questions about the rest of your professional career. Many other women want to bring meaning back to their professional lives and are wondering how to dare to change!

When embarking on a professional retraining, it is important to surround yourself well and to have resource people who can help and encourage you!

This bonus will allow you to be part of a group of caring women who can bring you support in your journey and maybe even a first opportunity?

Duration: as long as you want!


Bonus 2: CV, Linkedin, social medias,..

During this bonus session, we will take the time to revisit your CV, your cover letter, your Linkedin, your social networks,… depending on your choice of retraining in order to communicate your new direction and highlight all the skills that you already have to carry out your career change!

Duration: one-hour session to be scheduled during the coaching journey

Tempted by a professional retraining? Book your discovery session!

My own career change!

Ma reconversion professionnelle

Because yes, me too, I made a professional retraining

From consultant to coach! And it’s clearly not the same job!

The consultant is an expert and offers solutions, the coach is curious, listens and asks questions… The posture is very different.

But I wouldn’t be the coach I am today without my first professional experience!

Moving from my career as a consultant to my new career as a coach, I realized all the skills I could reuse! We do not realize when we bathe all the time in the same environment of all that we learn and acquire over time!

Of course, I also trained in coaching for 1 year with two courses; Associate Coach and Professional Coach. And at the same time, I was accompanied by a coach to develop my activity. Because it is important in this transition to ask the right questions, to define your why and to gain confidence in your project!

Basically, I would never have thought of entrepreneurship. To tell the truth, it really scared me, I’m more “risk averse”. But from reflection to reflection, it made sense; develop a nomadic activity, online, be my own boss, find a pro-personal balance,… My conditions were met for this choice to be made.

Today, I am very happy with this career choice which is also a lifestyle choice. I have never learned and evolved so much since I decided on this new direction. Coaching is my area of brilliance; I am competent and I love what I do!

And you, what is your shine zone?

Do not wait any longer to be happy professionally!


of happy clients!

“I hate my job. I don’t know how to wake up and go to work tomorrow. “

That was me only a few months ago. My new job had turned out to be a bad fit for me, and the situation at work had triggered a career crisis that was on its way to negatively affect other areas of my life, like my friendships and my relationship. I was stuck, and that was when a friend referred me to Virginie.

I got the job, and only six months after my first session with Virginie I am now packing my bags to jump right into the adventure of working with my dream company in a new city, feeling light, happy and grateful, being excited and equipped for anything the new job and the future might bring!

Sophie, Berlin

When I started my journey with Virginie I was low in energy and high in self doubt. I lost my sense of purpose, did not know who I was anymore and especially who I wanted to be, what I was standing for.

With the support of Virginie I gradually regained confidence, clarified my priorities, created awareness on my talents, and dared to dream again. Virginie dares to challenge you, finds your blind spots whilst providing some comfort through this journey.  And importantly, makes it actionable.

Now, a few months later, my priorities are clear, my confidence is up, I’m ready to go for my dream, I found purpose again. 

Florence, Belgium

Virginie is like your old friend who takes out the best of you!

During my journey I had many REALISATIONS that brought my confidence forward, so I dont’ feel stuck anymore! I finally have my “plan B” which I was looking for and feel excited about!

Ula, Belgium

Virginie Jullien

Virginie Jullien

Certified professional coach, accredited by the International Coaching Federation, I support women in their life and career choices.

I focus on transition coaching, having been through many transitions myself; burnout, professional retraining during my expatriation and return to my country of origin.

I accompany women who are at a crossroads, who are wondering what the next step is or who feel a loss of meaning in their life to (re)discover themselves, prioritise themselves and make choices more in line with who they are. 

I include in my support individual coaching and group coaching during collective sessions with other women around the world.