Online expat event

Are you lucky enough to be an expatriate?

And yet, you have trouble adapting to your new expat life?

Being an expatriate is not only about traveling, seeing the world, discovering new cultures, enjoying the sun, the beach and the swimming pool...

Yes, expatriation can be all of that, but it is also a new situation that can shake us deeply.

Our context has changed, our balance has shifted and many existential questions are emerging.

3 days for a successful expatriation!

This online event dedicated to expat women is a perfect occasion for you to reflect on your expat life, to take a step back from your current challenges and to turn them into  strengths and opportunities.

During 3 days, we will explore 3 different topics;

Day 1: How can you best manage the changes and uncertainties of this new life?

Day 2: How can you define what you want and shape your new role in this new context?

Day 3: How can you dare to explore and build your own support network?

The ultimate goal of those 3 days is to provide you with the essential keys to a successful expatriation!

This event is also a great opportunity for you to connect with other expat women from all over the world, to exchange on your experiences and to expand your network!

How will it work?

We will have 3 online webinars of 1 hour from Monday February 21st to Wednesday February 23rd.

These online sessions will take place on zoom at 12:00 noon Brussels time.

A private Facebook group will be created for the event to deepen the reflexion and to connect and interact with other participants.

Challenges and surprises will accompany us during the 3 days!

Those 3 days promise to be rich in content and discovery, 

filled with positive interactions and great encounters!

How to take full advantage of this free online event?

It is very simple!

  1. First, sign up for the event below. I will then send you all the details to connect to zoom and facebook.
  2. Then do your best to participate to each online session (February 21, 22 and 23 at 12pm Brussels time).
  3. Be active on the Facebook group to get the most out of it.
  4. Share the event with all the expat women around you (the more, the merrier!)
  5. And last but not least, agree to the following rules: kindness, positivity, diversity and respect!

Why do I organise this event dedicated to expat women?

I was an expatriate for 4 years and although expatriation has been the most exciting years of my life, it was also the toughest ones.

Here are some of the challenges I had to face;

  • Defining my new role as "trailing spouse"
  • Not losing my identity and self-confidence not having a job
  • Redefine some projets for myself
  • Not feeling guilty enjoying this new life while my husband was working
  • Manage my time and energy so I didn't feel useless or all over the place

It took me a long time to create a new balance for myself and my family.

But during my expatriation, I took the time to invest in myself and in my future and this period allowed me to change careers and become a life and career coach. I now work internationally and support expatriate women in this transition and allow them to make the most of it!

So, as challenging as it can be, the expatriation is a unique opportunity to discover and reinvent yourself and I hope those 3 days will be help you to create the expat life that will fulfill you.

    Being an expatriate is a massive transition.

    It is a roller coaster with exhilarating highs and depressing lows.

    It takes time and support to regain balance.


    A little more about me!

    Virginie Jullien

    I am an online coach for women specialising in life and career transitions.

    I am a former consultant and I retrained as a coach during my expatriation in Malaysia.

    I work with expatriate and humanitarian women living and/or working internationally and my passion is to support them in their life and career choices and to encourage them to be fully themselves.

    I am a certified Professional Certified Coach (PCC) accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and the founder of RéalISE Coaching.


    If it is impossible for you to be online at 12 p.m. Brussels time due to time difference but you really would like to participate to the event, do subscribe. A recording of the sessions will be shared on the Facebook group. The recordings will only be available for the limited time of the event.

    If you have remaining questions, feel free to contact me!