Self-judgment is an excellent saboteur; 5 tips to let go of the judge!

🤭 “You shouldn’t have said that”

😠 “It’s your fault”

🙄 “No wonder it’s not good”

😩 “You will never make it”

Do you recognise this little voice, this inner critic that can be so hard on yourself?

👩🏻‍⚖️ Yessss, it’s your judge! One of your best saboteurs!

👉You must surely think that he is there to point the finger at you what is wrong and thus help you to improve yourself, right?

⁉️ But is this judge really useful to you?

⁉️ Is he constructive?

I doubt it…

👉 I think this judge is only there to sabotage you and make you lose confidence and energy …

Let’s see in this video how to reduce the importance of our own judge!

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