🇲🇫 Ici, je te partage des articles et vidéos sur des thèmes qui m’inspirent!  

🇬🇧 On this page, I am sharing some articles and videos on topics which inspire me! 


All those little fears

This is not an easy topic, nor a funny one... 😅 But it is definitely a very interesting topic and an important one as fears affect many of us.  So let’s talk about it! When I say fear, I do not mean the emotion you feel when you are scared of something: a spider, a...

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Slow down to speed up

After our video on motivation, we are happy to present our second video about time management. Slow down to speed up by taking the time to: plan your day take into account your preferences  reflect on your achievements Slowing down by taking this time will help you to...

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Quelques idées pour optimiser son emploi du temps!

C'est parti pour une nouvelle année scolaire et qui dit rentrée, dit retour de l’organisation et d’un planning souvent bien chargé. Alors j’avais envie d’écrire un petit article au sujet de la gestion du temps et partager quelques idées afin d’optimiser son emploi du...

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Motivation of team members

I am very happy to share with you the first video of a serie of short videos around people management! In this first video, we are talking about motivation or more specifically lack of motivation... 🤨 We are exploring 3 potential reasons which could explain the lack...

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