Peaks and Valleys

Peaks and Valleys

“Peaks and Valleys: Making Good And Bad Times Work For You” by Spencer Johnson

It is not a new book but I had the opportunity to read it no so long ago so it is still fresh in my mind!
It is a nice and easy reading with only 100 pages.
In English originally but available in French.

Peaks and valleys is a metaphorical story talking about our high and low moments and how we can use them to grow further.
It is also a story about going out of our comfort zone and how our fears can prevent us to move forward and be happy…

The main learnings:

  • Better to look at what is there than looking at what is missing.
  • The way you appreciate what is happening to you define your lows and your highs.
  • If you cannot change the situation, change how you are looking at it.
  • You create your own future. You should want something more for yourself than dull and safe routine.
  • Enjoy the moment, see life as a journey and take all opportunities to learn and develop yourself.

Last but not least, life is made of peaks and valleys as the heart is beating. 😉