The 4 Agreements

The 4 agreements

“The 4 Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom” by Don Miguel Ruiz


This book is not thick and is available in many languages. In somewhat mystical and religious aspects, he invites us to review our way of thinking and acting.

Why agreements? Because we make deals with ourselves and with others all of our lives. These agreements shape our beliefs, our filters, our opinions and the way we perceive ourselves, others and the world around us.

The book suggests that we break all past agreements and follow only 4 agreements to be freer and happier.

  • First Agreement; “May your word be impeccable”

    In my opinion, the most difficult chord to keep but the most powerful too. Speech can be either constructive or destructive.

  • Second Agreement; “Whatever happens, don’t make it a personal matter”

    An agreement that is really worth understanding and hearing. Everyone has their own unique vision of life and everyone has their own reality. Knowing how to take a step back and understand a situation from the other’s point of view is crucial to avoid conflict.

  • Third Agreement: “Don’t make assumptions”

    Often times we assume … We think you know … While we didn’t even ask the question … We weren’t curious what the person in front of us was thinking. Since each of us has a different way of seeing life, making assumptions leads us to misinterpret a situation, to make a movie instead of everything.
    simply ask … Communicate, ask questions, verbalise what is on your mind. No one is a diviner! No one follows the flow of our thoughts!

  • Fourth Agreement; “Always do your best.”

    to apply the first three principles … in all kindness …
    Because they are not easy!
    But practice makes the master …

Good reading !!!