Big Magic

Big Magic

“Big Magic: How to live a creative life and let go of your fear” by Elizabeth Gilbert

Very inspiring book!

Everyone of us is creative but often our fears, our ego, our perfectionism prevent us to free this creativity!

This books invites us to free ourselves and be the creative beings we are meant to be!

I really loved the book and all the funny and bold metaphors the writer used!


“Stop people pleasing and dare to say NO” – Video

People pleaser, learn to say no…


⬆️ What are the short term BENEFITS of people pleasing?

⬇️ What are the long term DOWNSIDES of being a people pleaser?

➡️ WHY is it important to learn and dare to say no?

➡️ HOW to say no?

Let’s explore all this in this video! 

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“Your emotions under control: pause, reflect and act” – Video

How can we better manage our emotions?

Understanding and managing our emotions is definitely a journey…

What can we do on a daily basis to better manage our emotions and do not let them control us?

In this video I tell you more about a 3 steps approach you can use everyday:

1. Pause

2. Reflect

3. Act

Watch the video and let me know what you think about those 3 steps to better manage your emotions.

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