Our fears sabotage us – Article

Our fears sabotage us

Let’s take a step back and understand why we experience fear in the first place.

Fear is a useful emotion as it intends to protect us from dangers.

When we were cavemen, fear was there so we could be alert and not be eaten by a wild animal as soon as we came out of the cave.

Many of us are lucky these days not to face fears on a daily basis. We are lucky enough to live a life without needing to be vigilant second after second.

Yet we are filled with fears.

Fears in our minds.

Reality and imagination

Our brain does not distinguish real fears from imaginary fears and our body reacts the same way to both.

So when we start imagining the worst-case scenarios of what could happen, the fear is real for our body, our pulse starts racing, our breathing becomes short, we feel hot and sweaty.

Our body prepares to fight, flight or freeze.

Fight, flight, freeze for what exactly?

Is there real danger?

Is this fear trying to protect us from anything?

I do not think so.

I think in this case our fears sabotage us.

Worst case scenarios

You could say that this fear is actually useful, it helps us prepare, it makes sure we have thought of everything, it pushes us to do the best we can.

I doubt.

To obtain what results?

 Preparing for the worst-case scenario?

Is this the way we want to live our lives, always preparing for the worst?

Isn’t that actually preparing us not to succeed?

Isn’t avoiding the worst just an excuse for not being ambitious enough with our lives?

What is behind our fears.

Fears sabotage us.

We are not afraid to protect ourselves from real dangers.

We are afraid because we want to protect ourselves from shame, guilt, rejection, “failures”,…

We are so afraid to be wrong! 

We are so afraid of people judging us (as we most probably judge ourselves and others the same way) that we try to control all the “what if” scenarios.

And that leads us to try to control what is uncontrollable because we cannot control others, we cannot control changes, uncertainties, unforeseen events, we cannot control life,…

Paralysing fears

Our fears leading to control paralyze us.

They paralyze all initiative, all proactivity, all creativity.

They create a big gap between our dreams, our hopes, our aspirations and our reality.

In the process, we waste a lot of our time and energy.

But above all, we lose confidence in ourselves, we lose faith in life.


Fears enclose us.

They sabotage us to the core.

They kill the sparks of our inner child who would want so much more for us.

Fears are a vicious circle.

And in the center of this circle is our ego.

There is so much more for you!

Please get out of your head.

Get out of your fears.

Get out of yourself.


Instead of cowering in your fears, open up to others and to the world.

Think of what you can bring to the world, how you can help the world to be a better place instead of being fearful of your potential mistakes.


Yes, it is not easy to choose faith over fear.

And it’s not easy to change this habit of thinking the worst as your brain is used to watching for “dangers” everywhere.

He’s so used to trying to find solutions to save us from being hurt, from being wrong, from being ashamed, from feeling guilty…

But it is possible once you understand that there is so much more to you than being locked in with your fears.


We all have a purpose on earth, a contribution to make to the world.

Use those fears to challenge yourself.

Use those fears to understand what really matters to you.

Your destiny is certainly not to be afraid and to miss out on your life!


So dare to explore, dare to trust, dare to love, dare to live your full potential!

Far be it from me to tell you all this and leave you with your fears! 

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And if you need support to overcome your fears and move forward in your projects, do not hesitate to contact me.