Learned Optimism

Learned Optimism

“Learned Optimism” by Martin Seligman


It is a very detailed book on optimism based on many scientific researches. 

It starts by developing the correlation between pessimism and depression with the concept of helplessness. 

Then Seligman explains how our explanatory style influences our level of optimism or pessimism.  

Do we explain the reason of difficult situations with permanence, pervasiveness and personalisation?

The approach of the book is not to convince you to be an optimism at all cost as Seligman recognises that the pragmatism of pessimists is useful in some situations.

But he demonstrates how learned optimism (already at a young age) can really help a person to avoid depression, be healthier and life a successful life. 

There are a few interesting tests in the book and techniques to dispute your current ways of thinking and learn optimism. 

Enjoy the reading!