“What is imposter syndrome and how to manage it?” – Video

Learn about the 5 types of imposter syndrome !

Do you know there are 5 types of imposter syndrome?

1. Superwoman

2. Soloist

3. Expert

4. Perfectionist

5. Natural genius

👉 In this video I’ll tell you more about these different types and their underlying thoughts.

I will give you some tips and refer to some powerful quotes to help you deal with the imposter syndrome.

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“3 keys to keep your resolutions!” – Video

2021 goals | 3 keys to take care of your resolutions!

Are you ready for your 2021 goals?

Will you keep your resolutions for the long run?

Let’s check if you have everything you need;

1. An attractive REASON to take action

2. A specific RESULT to achieve

3. A SYSTEM to support you

Have a look at the video to know more about those 3 keys to take care of your resolutions!

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“Your positivity boost in tough times!” – Video

In this video, I share with you 10 daily tips I find very useful to stay positive no matter the circumstances.

Watch the video and receive a nice gift! 

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“Get organised and productive with a structured agenda!” – Video

5 tips to better manage your time!


I believe in planning! Daily planning, weekly planning, yearly planning,…

Not as a boring thing to do, not as a constraint but as a tool to help me achieve my goals!

Here are my 5 planning tips to get organised and achieve your goals:

1. Intention

2. Less is more

3. Be real

4. Be flexible

5. Progress

Watch the full video to learn more about these tips and download your structured agenda!

“5 tips to stop procrastinating!” – Video

Procrastination and perfectionism | 5 Tips to stop procrastinating

👉 If you feel you are keeping busy focusing on the easy tasks while the important ones are still waiting for you,

👉 if you rather watch a good series instead of starting an activity because you are afraid of not being able to complete it,

👉 if you think you procrastinate (a little, a lot, passionately, …),

This video is for you!

In this video I am sharing 5 tips to stop procrastinating and stop worrying about all the things you should do but you aren’t doing!

“The power of the pause!” – Video

The power of pausing | 7 situations where the pause makes such a difference!

The pause is such a powerful tool!

Let’s see in the video how the pause can help you in 7 different situations!

✅ The pause to reduce your stress

✅ The pause to be more efficient

✅ The pause to respect your limits

✅ The pause to manage your emotions

✅ The pause to find inspiration

✅ The pause to improve your communication

✅ The pause to rest

Enjoy the video; https://youtu.be/fuoea6LzDxo

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